As the reinstatement of earthquake damaged homes situated on TC3 categorised land progresses, whether a repair or rebuild, homeowners are being provided with copies of Geotechnical and Engineers Reports. These contain large amounts of technical information and jargon which is not able to be understood by the homeowners. The individual documents are complex, and in most cases, there are  cross references between the documents, usually from the Geotechnical Report to the Engineers Report.

This leaves homeowners unable to either agree or disagree with the reinstatement strategies being proposed by EQR or Insurance Companies. This can lead the homeowner to agree to a strategy to reinstate their home which may not be in their best interests.

I provide a service in which I check through and interpret the Geotechnical and Engineers Reports, check the validity of any cross referenced data and assumptions made. If necessary site inspections can be carried out, and levels verified. I am able then to discuss this with the homeowner and outline the strategy in easy to understand language. This then allows the homeowner to feel empowered and to make informed decisions.

With the Earthquake overcap Insurance reinstatements in full swing there is a need for homeowners to ensure the work is being carried out to meet the Project Schedule, and is being carried out to the required standards and workmanship. I am presently working with homeowners as a direct interface with the Prime Building Contractors, Insurance Company Project Management Companies and the Insurance Companies to ensure milestones are being met and the correct inspections and sign off is being carried out.

This service can also be extended to allow me to advocate on their behalf as required.

As time has moved on it has become all to evident that a large number of repaired homes were not repaired correctly and are requiring additional remediation or a total re-repair to bring them up to the required standards. I provide a service whereby I review the remediation which had been originally carried out and provide the owner with recommendations with which they can negotiate to reactivate their claim with EQC or their Insurance Company. I work with the homeowner and advocate on their behalf for all matters technical, and monitor the suggested repair strategies and the execution of these repair strategies during the repairs advising the homeowner if these have been or not been executed correctly.